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little starz academy

The Little Starz Predance Academy was established by Dawn Oswald. Her goal as a Dance Educator and a caring parent is to bring laughter, music, fun, and dance into the lives of young children. Your rising star will explore the world of creativitiy through movement, music, dance, imaginative play, and emotional expression, as well as develop a sense of self-respect, discipline, leadership and poise. These attributes provide a solid foundation for your child's future endeavors. Dawn invites you and your child to experience this unique program designed exclusively for children ages 2-7.

Little Starz Predance
These are combination classes made especially for students ages 2 1/2 to 5 years. Your child will learn the basics of tap & ballet using creative movement promoting vital motor skills needed in school, sports, and play.

These combination classes are made for students ages 5-7 years. Your child will continue to learn the basics of tap & ballet, with a high energy introduction to jazz.